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Because of the protection of the carapace, my blue silver grass spikes and toxicity may not have any effect on him. Therefore, I recommend the second method.""The same as the first method is that the three of us are still constraining. The black tortoise belongs to water, which is exactly the same as Fatty's Phoenix flame. Water can overcome fire, and fire can also restrain water. Fatty's flame is so special. You attack him on the periphery, supported by Oscar’s sausage, and there will be no problem with the duration of your attack. Our goal is to kill him. Xiao Wu, you are responsible for responding, and the three in front of us take turns. Replace, so that everyone can get supplies from Oscar. Although our spirit power is not as good as him, but we have Xiaoao and the number advantage, we deceive him for not having enough attack methods to threaten us."After listening to Tang San's suggestion, everyone couldn't help but scream, but one of them was unhappy. "Tang San, what about me?"