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At this moment, Fatty's Phoenix fire line reached Ye Zhiqiu's turtle back. Although the scorching heat of Fatty's Phoenix flame was weakened by Xuanshui Ice Seal, the same, with the arrival of the Phoenix FireWire, the chill of Xuanshui Ice Seal also decreased a lot.Although the purplish-red flame was contaminated on the turtle's back, it was unable to penetrate, but it did not go out, as if it was sticky. Ma Hongjun's martial arts spirit is mutated, so naturally it can't be regarded as a constant fire. Ye Zhiqiu only felt a scorching heat behind him, and he was shocked. With the help of this momentary opportunity, Blue Silver Grass was already entwined and attached tightly to him. Zhu Zhuqing's illusory figure appeared silently in the dead corner behind Ye Zhiqiu's body. The first spirit ring skill Nether Spike was activated, and the target Pointing straight at Ye Zhiqiu's neck.Suddenly, Ye Zhiqiu's neck shrank, and a strange scene appeared. His whole head was so retracted into his chest cavity, avoiding Zhu Zhuqing's sharp claws just right, and the third spirit ring on his body lit up, giving a mouthful of water mist.