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Ning Rongrong frowned slightly, staring at Tang San. Tang San was stunned for a moment. The reason why he didn't put Ning Rongrong in the lineup was really because after seeing this girl's pungency, he was afraid that she would have a counterproductive effect. After thinking for a while, he said, "Your martial soul is special, so let's act accordingly."Having said this, everyone walked outside at the same time, relying on Tang San's fight against Zao Wuji at the beginning, they were very confident, not to mention that challenging the strong was obviously beneficial to the improvement of their own strength. Ning Rongrong walked at the end. Suddenly, a low voice came from her ears, "If you want everyone to recognize you, just use actions to prove that you belong to Shrek." When Ning Rongrong looked up, it happened. Seeing Oscar, who had grown a beard on his face, was smiling at him. For some reason, her eye circles suddenly turned red, and she nodded vigorously towards Oscar.