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Tang San also moved at the same time, rushing towards Ye Zhiqiu from another direction. The long Moxi dry hair on the fat man's head trembled for a while, the first spirit ring radiated a lot, and a purple-red phoenix fire line spewed out. The four people did it almost in no particular order at the same time, and there was no fear at all because the opponent was a soul king above level fifty.Facing the simultaneous attacks of four people, Ye Zhiqiu's whole body was full of black light, and he let out a low growl. The first and second spirit rings on his body lighted up at the same time, and his body quickly rotated half a circle, showing the tortoise shell behind him. The black light, like a stream of water, was released with a chill. Right from the beginning of the battle, Ye Zhiqiu used his two spirit ring skills, one was the mysterious turtle body guard and the other was the mysterious water ice. His purpose is very simple. He cleaned up these teenagers in the shortest possible time and taught them a profound lesson. Not only did he breathe out this tone, he also demonstrated the strength of Canghui Academy.